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Wood vs. Gas Stove

Wood vs. Gas StoveWhen it comes to heating your home you have a few choices of what you may want to use. There are ways have centrally heating the home and there are stoves that you may also use for heating your home. When selecting stoves for your interior of your home there are two choices, wood burning or gas here are the pros and cons of those choices.

Wood Stove


  • The sound and visual of the fire burning in the wood stove can be both inviting and relaxing. It is a pretty image and can enhance the atmosphere inside the home. A beautiful wood stove can be a great furniture piece for the home décor.
  • The cost can be managed and lessened by how often you use it and the type of wood you use in the stove. The wood stove is also beneficial with being able to control how much air goes to the fire and how much air escapes up the chimney.


  • Wood Stoves can be messy to deal with. With the wood burning you will need to routinely clean out ashes and clean the chimney chute.
  • The heat being made from the wood stove may not circulate through the house effectively depending upon the size of the area it is heating and the size of the stove. There could be a loss of heat going up the chute rather into the room.
  • Keeping the fire going, once the fire is started it needs to be maintained throughout to ensure it stays. You will need to have a supply of wood nearby to replenish as needed. The wood can be a hassle to bring into your home and to store.

Gas Stove


  • The ability to be able to turn on and heat your home with the flick of a switch can be convenient there is no need to get a fire started and then maintaining the fire.
  • Gas fireplaces can be cleaner to maintain, no need to take care of ashes and chimney dirt.
  • Usually less expensive to heat the home and produce less pollutants than wood burning stoves.


  • The maintenance of the gas stove could be more expensive to have worked on and if there is a problem with the gas than the stove is not going to be able to be used. With wood stoves the only way the stove won’t be able to be used is if there is no wood to be burned or if there is a chimney blockage.
  • A gas stove isn’t as appealing to have for aesthetic purposes, there are ways of making the stove look more appealing but the crackling of a wood stove is usually more appealing to watch.


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