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Winter Driving Tips for Utah

Winter Driving Tips for UtahUtah is one of the most scenic and beautiful states to live in and one of the reasons why is the beauty of the mountains and snow. But during the winter time there is an added risk for those who need to drive in it. The risk of snow, slush and ice on the roads creates a dangerous environment to help keep you and the other drivers safe on the road consider these tips for how to drive in the winter months in Utah.

  • Adjust your Speed! In snowy or icy conditions be sure to first slow down. Slowing down is important to allow enough time to slow down and stop. Remember that hills are more prone to icing and need to have the added consideration to slow down even further. Reducing the speed that you are driving will not only keep you safer and add more reaction time it will also keep the other drivers safer.
  • Keep Fluids Full- Don’t let your gas tank dip below a quarter tank. The colder it is outside the harder it is on your car to circulate liquids. Dropping below a quarter tank is dangerous especially If your car were to get stuck somewhere. In addition to keeping enough gas in your are make sure to frequently top off your oil and windshield wiper fluid. In the winter months replace washer fluid wit deicer to help keep your windows clear.
  • Have Routine Maintenance- Be sure to keep your oil changes up to date and other routine maintenance done. It is best to have a engine check done before the winter conditions happens. With most things it is always better to prevent a problem from happening rather than try to fix one after it happens.
  • Have the Necessary Things for Snow Removal- It is important to be sure to keep a show brush and if needed in your area tire chains and a shovel. When removing fallen snow off of your car be sure to take the time to remove the snow for the top of your car, all the windows, and around your tail and head lights. Leaving snow on top of your car can put you and others at risk as it can be blown onto other windows or it can slide down while driving and obstruct your view.
  • Have an Emergency Kit- Every car should have a basic emergency kit that includes a first aid kit, flares and a flash light. In addition to that in the winter months it is important to be sure to have extra blankets in the trunk just in case.
  • Check your Tires- Not having enough tread on your tires is going to put you and other drivers at increased risk. It is important to be sure to check tread conditions and tire pressure in the winter. Check Tires shop in Utah for assistance in checking your tire’s safety.


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