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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Seeing A Dentist

tooth_painThere it is, that generous sized piece of pie with the extra dollop of whipped cream and nuts sprinkled on top, and a scoop of tasty vanilla ice cream on the side. And there he is, David, with his spoon ready to drive in and indulge when he remembers the sharp twinge of pain he felt earlier that morning while brushing his teeth , pain that caused him to drop the brush in the sink and examine his mouth the best he could in the mirror. He thinks about risking the pain for the pleasure of that sweetness in his mouth, but is it worth it? Is it really worth the pain that not even oral gel could fix? Had David not cancelled his appointment with the teeth doctor earlier in the week he wouldn’t have this difficult choice to make.

Going to the dentist is essential for everyone of all ages, because no one wants to end up like David. They want to enjoy their favorite foods whenever they want them without fearing the excruciating pain that cavities cause, pain so intense It can bring tears to people’s eyes. Not to mention waiting is always a bad move because it always makes things worse. Waiting to see a teeth doctor is the difference between a cavity and a root canal (which is very painful for those who have never had one, and definitely not worth the pain). It is the difference between keeping a tooth and getting it pulled out (which is really expensive for those out there with tight pockets.) When it comes to teeth, people should think of it like the knitting phrase, “a stitch in time saves nine.” A cavity filled early is the difference in six cavities down the road and possibly rotting teeth.

There are also useful things that people can do for better dental health in between visits. For example, yes everyone knows brushing is key, but brushing once a day isn’t really enough. Brush twice, maybe even three times a day with toothpaste that is guaranteed to protect against cavities, gingivitis, plaque, etc. And always use mouthwash, preferably one that is dentist recommended. People should watch what they eat. Though ice can be cool and refreshing, especially in the hot summer months, it probably isn’t the best thing to be chomping on daily. Same with candies. Want something sweet? Fine, but suck don’t chew (at least not often.)

No one wants to have to make the choice that David had to make. There is no reason people shouldn’t be able to enjoy their favorite foods, but be responsible with dental care. People need to protect their teeth.


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