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Why Asphalt Is a Good Solution for Your Driveway

asphaltdrivewayDriving through a suburb, the vast majority of driveways that fly past will be completely made out of concrete. Indeed, most people barely even realize that there are alternate materials like asphalt that one can build driveways out of, many of which have advantages over concrete. Sometimes the most common material isn’t the best for everyone.

Of course, different advantages are better suited for different situations, and not every sing advantage will apply to everyone, but perhaps the most advantageous one is cost. The monetary aspect of building a driveway is honestly the enormous elephant in the room every single time that someone decides to build a driveway, since concrete on that kind of scale is extremely expensive. Even worse is if the house is any real distance off the street, which really makes an asphalt driveway the only choice when it comes to cost – but it can be just as beneficial for someone close to the road on a budget.

It’s not just cost that makes asphalt driveways better, though. Another huge advantage is the adaptability of asphalt. When a concrete driveway is put on top of a surface that is likely to shift, its liable to crack. Even on surfaces that may not seem liable to shift, rain can change everything for the worse. Instead of cracking under the pressure, Asphalt conforms to whatever surface it is on, no matter what it is doing.

In the same vein, concrete driveways often have serious problems with the temperature extremes, whether its hot or cold. These extremes can cause the concrete to expand and contract unexpectedly, also eventually causing cracks. On the other hand, asphalt not only ignores these problems, but also creates new options like using salt to get rid of ice, something that would absolutely destroy a concrete driveway.

Of course, everyone knows how hard it is to repair a concrete driveway, but not a lot of people know how easy it is to repair an asphalt driveway. Repairing asphalt only requires a handful of supplies, and no real special equipment other than a shovel and a hose.

Of course, finding someone in Indianapolis for asphalt installation can be a bit difficult. People prefer concrete since that’s what is the most common kind of driveway is, and asphalt driveways can be something extremely hard to get installed. Once it’s installed, though, an asphalt driveway has several huge advantages over concrete driveways. They’re better in extreme temperatures, bad weather, and unstable land, as well as just being generally cheaper and easier to repair.


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