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Where And When To Get Your Teeth Checked

dental_checkupAny type of mouth pain is a terrible feeling. However, in most cases the dental problem began long before the pain. Because of this, it is important to visit the local dental practice in Birmingham on a regular basis. On average, patients visit their dentist every six months for a routine cleaning. During this appointment the patient may also have x-rays taken as well as receive a fluoride treatment. Pregnant women are an exception to this rule. Because there are certain procedures and treatments the dentist prefer not to preform on pregnant women, they are encouraged to visit a dental practice in Birmingham before conceiving or immediately after.

For many, the first symptom of gum disease is gingivitis. Fortunately when caught in the early stages gingivitis is reversible. When left untreated, gum disease can affect the whole body. Other than tooth loss, it has been linked to strokes and heart disease. Some common symptoms of this dental problem includes bad breath, puffy or inflamed gums as well as bleeding after a brushing or flossing. Oral cancer, another serious disease, affects the mouth, throat and lips. Although it is curable, its important to detect the cancer in its early stages. This is done by keeping routine appointments with the dentist. In an effort to help prevent oral cancer, it is important to avoid tobacco products.

Problems such as an abscessed tooth requires immediately attention. In addition to the pain, an untreated abscess may leave a hole in the tooth enamel. A hole on the enamel will allow bacteria to affect the center of the tooth leading to more serious dental problems. Making local visits to the dentist as well as brushing and flossing daily is the only way to prevent this problem.

Tooth decay is a rapidly growing problem among children. Unlike adults, because children’s bone are still developing it is important that they receive proper nutrition. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should see a dentist when the first tooth appears or by the first birthday. They continue to state that children whose first appointment is delayed often have at least one untreated cavity.

Although a toothache may seem minor, it is essential that the person visits the local dental practice in Birmingham when it last longer than two days. This person should also make an appointment if the toothache is followed by a fever, earache or pain when opening the mouth. In some cases, a foul taste or drainage from the infected area is present. While at the dentist’s office, the patient can expect a complete exam. All areas including the neck, throat, jaw, nose and sinuses will be checked.


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