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What is Feng Shui

fengshuiFeng Shui is an eastern form of belief that ties elements that surround you into positive energy sources in life.  Developed in China over three-thousand years ago, feng shui is designed to balance the energies given off in individual spaces to maximize health, prosperity, and well being.  The literal translation of feng shui is wind water.  Both wind and water are associated with good health.  The purpose of embracing feng shui traditions is to increase peace, health, and prosperity.  It is possible to use the elements of feng shui at home and in the office to create a more peaceful and balanced feel to your space as well as to enjoy the benefits that feng shui can bring in increased energy and well being.  Many books on feng shui can help you to embrace the elements of feng shui in your lifestyle and your surroundings.  Here are some tips to adding feng shui elements to your home and office:

  • Fresh air.  Fresh air is one of the essential elements of feng shui.  Windows that open and air purifiers can help you achieve the benefits of fresh air in your surroundings.
  • Change and add lighting.  Good lighting can completely change the look and feel of any space.  Natural lighting from windows, skylights, and doors and artificial lighting from a variety of light sources are important in creating feng shui.  Light is one of the most important sources of energy used in feng shui.  Even without the beliefs of feng shui it is easy to notice the difference in your home or your office that good lighting can bring.  Natural light offers the best feng shui and the best overall feel to a room.  Dull lighting can quickly sap the energy from those trying to work in a space.  Have you ever noticed how you feel when you’re in a room that is brightly lit vs. a room that feels dark?  While there are important times for darker spaces such as when sleeping, for the active times of the day look for good lighting to bring in positive energy.
  • Look for colors that provide warmth and energy.  There are a variety of colors that are used in feng shui to invite prosperity, peace, energy, and contentment to a space.  You can find numerous tips on choosing the right colors for individual rooms in your home as well as colors to paint your front door to encourage happiness and prosperity as well.
  • One of the other elements to feng shui is to learn about furniture placement and the energy that such furniture placement can invite.  Learning these techniques can help you place your bed in a direction to encourage harmony or your desk in a location to encourage prosperity.  When you learn about feng shui you will learn about your own individual energy direction, elements, and colors.  The combination of these items can be used in helping you create a harmonious space in your home and office.

Learning about and being mindful of the elements of feng shui can bring positive energy to your life.  From simple tasks such as clearing out clutter to more specific feng shui elements of focusing your life on your kua number, element, and direction there are many levels of feng shui that you can embrace in your life and in your surroundings.


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