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What can my Living Will do?

bachus and schanker

Bachus and Schanker, a leading Colorado attorneys at law, have a free downloadable Living Will PDF on their site because they believe that every person has the right to choose how their body is treated even when they can’t make the decision themselves.

But what can your living will do? Well, a living will is created while a person is still living and often healthy. These are different from a Last Will and Testament in that they simply explain how you would like the following handled:

Withholding life support if you’re in a vegetative state for more than 48 hours, you’re terminally ill with no chance of recovery, unable to communicate, or are unable to make your own healthcare decisions.

It’s important to decide right now what how your care should be handled and by whom. This will bring peace to your loved ones about what you want even if you can’t communicate it. Decide today to complete your living will.


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