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What Are the Best Tires on the Market Today?

Finding appropriate replacement tires for your vehicle can seem a confusing task when considering the wide range of options. To make it simple, many drivers opt to simply buy the same tires that came on the car from the factory, which is a perfectly viable tactic in many cases, especially if you’ve been happy with your tires’ performance and longevity. Most new vehicles now come with all-season radial tires, which are an all-around good choice for most driving conditions.

For similar reasons, it is estimated that about 83 percent of the replacement tires sold in the U.S. are also standard, all-season radials. They offer a good balance of affordability, tread life, a quiet comfortable ride and good traction on dry and wet surfaces. They will even perform adequately when light snow is covering the road, although drivers traveling on roads that are typically covered in snow and ice in wintertime would do well to consider winter tires designed specifically for this type of driving. This, of course, means having two sets of tires that get swapped over at the onset of cold weather.

Drivers of performance cars will likely be dissatisfied with standard all-seasons and may want to consider high-performance or ultra-high performance all-season tires. While these will provide more precise handling, acceleration and general performance, they will likely be more expensive to buy and will also wear out more quickly.

There are numerous tire categories, including models for SUVs, luxury sedans, sports cars, pickup trucks and high-performance cars. Most people, however, drive economy or midsize cars, minivans or crossover SUVs and, for them, a standard all-weather tire is a good choice.

Real-World Ratings From End Users

A particular Internet tire retailer has compiled five years of data from their tire-buying customers, rating dozens of tire models in twelve categories ranging from wet and dry traction to ride/noise comfort and tread wear. The thousands of respondents were also asked whether or not they would buy the same tires again.

First on the list, and also a particular favorite of independent reviewing organizations, is the Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season Tire. It retails for about $150, has an 80K-mile treadwear warranty and performs well on wet, dry and snow-covered surfaces.

The best-rated all-season “budget” radial is the Hankook Optimo H272. It performs nearly as well as the Goodyear in all tests, and even slightly better on snow/ice. It retails for about $90 and has a 100K-mile treadwear warranty.


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