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Understanding Addiction

Christian drug rehab can help people of faith understand addiction in terms that make sense, even if they have never experienced addiction for themselves.  Having understanding toward people is the essence of most religions based on the Bible or the belief in Christ.  This understanding means that believers need to learn to love all people even as those people sin and do horrific acts.  Unfortunately, separating the sinner from the sin is often more difficult than it sounds, just as separating the addict from the addiction is also difficult.

Medically and legally speaking addiction is an illness.  It can be triggered by genetic predisposition or by constant exposure to substances and those who use them.  It can come from peer pressure, Hollywood glamorization or just from the need to escape currently unbearable circumstances.  People can be addicted to legal drugs like alcohol and nicotine, illegal drugs like meth and cocaine or to sex and other acts that bring some form of pleasure.

Addiction runs in the family.  Someone who has a genetic predisposition may find his r herself addicted to the chemical in question almost immediately. Most of the time, it does take more than one exposure to create an addiction, but the number of exposures varies from person to person.

Addiction may be physical, psychological or both.  Most of the time, the addiction does consist of both physical and psychological components that make it extremely hard to eliminate the addiction unless the person who is addicted decides that a change is needed and then makes the changes.  This means that most addicts need to hit rock bottom before they can begin the climb away from addiction.

Addiction requires the person to use the substance in question to feel and act normal.  Without the drug, the person can experience several types of symptoms that make it difficult to get through the day.  These symptoms may include depression, sweats, and illness.  Some withdrawals may include suicidal actions and death.

When a person uses drugs, it cause the brain to stop producing whatever chemical the drug is replacing, usually dopamine or other chemicals associated with euphoria.  Thus when a person goes without the drug, life becomes dull.  There is no color, no excitement and no desire, except to feel the rush of the drug again.  Thus the person seeks to keep taking the drug to make life seem like more than it is.

Christian drug rehab programs use faith to help break the cycle.  With God, all things are possible.  Using Him as the primary source of strength and joy can help to replace the feelings that were causing the person to want the drugs before addiction set in.  It is up to the person to change the circumstances.


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