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Tips to Training your Dog at Home

training your dogTo take your dog to school so they can be well trained by professionals, would be a very expensive way of going about training. The best thing to do would be to train your dog at home. Before you train your pet and teach them new tricks you need to know what you are training them on. They may be very well behaved, but they do not follow simple commands such as sit, roll over, or stay. Or it could be the opposite or neither so there are tips to help you manage your dog a lot easier in a way that is less expensive.

If you want your dog to listen to you and take learning seriously, then you need to build a relationship with the dog. If you yell at him all the time, your pet will not listen to you because they will most likely become afraid of their owner. You have to treat your dog as if that canine is a child of yours. When you have a calm voice, the dog will make more of an effort to listen to you and will follow your commands. You will be surprised at how smart they really are.

Having a dog can be very frustrating because they tear up everything in the house but that can easily be solved by these tips. Stay home with your dog more often because they want to feel as though they are being taken care of. They may eat everything in your house because they are starving for some attention. Take them out every once in a while to give them some exercise such as playing Frisbee with them or throwing a ball for them to fetch or watk them using a dog leash. Another very important tip to follow is make sure that your dog knows the difference from right and wrong. If you do not discipline every time they do something wrong, then they will think it is okay to do it and will not stop.

Another form of behavior besides chewing is barking way more than they should be. They may bark a people while you are walking them or they may bark at cars going by. The most important tip that anyone could come up with would be to praise your dog when they are not barking. Your dog will think that they have done something right and will only bark if they need to.

All of these tips can be used without paying the money to take your dog to a school and have them become professionally trained. It is important to treat your dog with the same respect that you would want to be treated. It is very important that you train your dog as soon as you recognize symptoms such as chewing up shoes or your other personal belongings and when they continue to bark and do not ever stop. Or when your pet does not follow simple commands such as sit or stay. The sooner you start following these tips; the easier it will be on you and your family.


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