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Tips for Transporting and Storing your Boat

cleaning a boatUsing a boat to travel along lakes and oceans is a popular activity for people of all ages. The majority of boat riders rent their vehicles because they think that owning a boat will be a hassle. The truth is, owning a boat can be very easy, as long as you know how to take care of it. It is important for boat owners to remember that their boat needs special attention, even when it is not being used. Transporting and storing a boat can be where the most damage can occur if a boat owner is not careful.

Transporting an object such as a boat will always need a bit of planning. Before moving their boat the owner should always make time to measure their boat and budget the extra time it will take to load and unload their boat. If a boat moving service is being used it is wise to research the company before doing business with them. All boat owners should also make sure that items such as valuables, dinghies, and other loose pieces are successfully removed from the boat and stored in a more secure location. If a boat is being transported from a Zebra Mussel infested area it would need to be thoroughly checked before being used again. Boat owners should make sure that their boat trailer is stable and doesn’t need any adjustments before traveling on the open road. Also, owners should do a general inspection before and after transporting their boat to make sure that it is clean and undamaged before there is a critical flaw. These tips are easy to follow and doing them will make transporting their boat less of a chore.

Sadly, boat owners have to put their vehicles into storage when they are not in use. This is a period in time when most owners seem to forget about their boat. It is important for owners to check up on their boats every now and then to make sure that no damage befalls their asset. Though it isn’t very common that any major damage will occur, there are a few things that one can do to make sure their boat isn’t damaged. The first thing that an owner can do is to give their boat a thorough cleaning before putting it in storage. Next, make sure that the gas is topped off and that the oil and filters are cleaned and changed. If it is cold where the boat is being stored make sure the boat is winterized. Boat owners should also remove any electronics, including the battery, and charge them. You should also make sure you boat is covered properly by using a tarp secured with┬áNylon strap. ┬áIt is also important keep the boat in a secure location, and check in on it now and then to guarantee that nothing happens.


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