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Tips For Living With Roommates

roommatesA time will come in life when you have to leave the comfort of your parents’ home to go and live with other people. This may be when you join college or get your first job. All along, you have been living with siblings and sometimes members of the extended family.  However, as you will shortly find out, it is an experience worth going through. Once you follow these tips, you will always have a cordial relationship with your roommates.

Set the rules right from the start

Soon after you are through with the introductions and niceties, it is time to discuss the boundaries with your mates. Communicate your likes and dislikes freely. Not all preferences will please everyone but it is good that they know. On the other hand, it will take a while before you are all conversant with each other’s way of life. Pointing things out helps avoid problems that later create discord.

Respect other people’s property

Say you live in UC Berkeley apartments. You all have different kinds of belongings. While you could be the official type, your roommate may be the opposite. He/she may have a preference for casual clothing. It will be very rude if you just decided to put on a pair of jeans and sneakers belonging to your roommate without seeking his/her permission first. That is a sure recipe for conflict. Respect other people’s possessions. If you have a liking for a certain outfit, borrow it politely. If no permission is granted, accept that and move on.


This is another area that you should all be clear on. You could be the social type who usually has a bunch of boys and girls in the apartment. It could be for a good reason such as a group discussion. On the contrary, your roommates love having a quiet study time. With such variations, you can strike a deal on how visitors will be coming to your place. You should also agree on how frequent this should be.


It does not matter how many you are in an apartment. You should learn to lock all windows and doors whenever you are leaving and there is no one else around. Towards this end, each roommate should have his or her own set of keys. In as much as you are giving each other space, security of the belongings in your apartment is everyone’s responsibility.

Respect other people’s way of life

College life brings people from all walks of life together. You should learn to tolerate your roommate’s beliefs and faith particularly if they are different from yours. Let this be an opportunity to learn about how other people live in their region. Be friendly but do not expect to become your roommate’s best friend.


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