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Tips for Keeping Cool This Summer

keeping coolSummer’s coming and by all predictions it’s going to be a hot one! Even in the house you’ll be needing a few good strategies for staying out of the heat which won’t cost as much as a 24 hour cold shower.

1. Make sure to drink plenty of water:

You’re body has its own cooling system: Sweating. It’s more effective than many people realize, but keeping hydrated is important to maintain a cool body. A tall glass of water can keep you cooler for up to an hour after drinking. Most doctors recommend eight ounces every hour during the summer.

2. Keep a squirt bottle handy to dampen your clothes:

Sweat cools your body through evaporation, but you can do something to help further the effect. By keeping your sleeves slightly damp, you’ll boost the cooling effect evaporation has. You will not have to soak your clothes, but a mild dampness will keep you comfortable and cool throughout the day.

3. Chill your feet:

If you’re just sitting in front of a television for the lazy day, consider keeping a cold bucket of water for dipping your feet into while you sit. Feet lose a disproportionate amount of heat as the rest of the body, so this will lower your external temperature and keep you quite comfortable. If your feet are going numb however, than you’ve gone overboard. There’s no reason for the water to be freezing for this to work.

4. Rent a Chiller:

A chiller has lower operating costs and works more effectively than traditional air conditioning. Many businesses will rent a chiller for the length of a summer which will help to keep your entire house cool. Rental chiller baton rouge work by flowing cold water to heat exchanges, which circulate throughout the living space. They are highly effective space coolers, and are an excellent choice for the comfort of your family.

5. Dress for the weather:

Most people know to avoid long sleeves or the color black, but there’s more you can do to make sure you’re dressed in appropriate summer wear. In fact, if the clothes are loose fitting and made of natural fabrics such as cotton and silk and the weather is hot but not humid, the cooler choice may even be to cover more of your body than less.

6. Eat mint:

Mint helps you feel cooler and more comfortable. Use it in your cooking and tea in the summer to help beat the heat. Peppermint candies can have the same effect. Using mint soap can give your skin a refreshing feel throughout the day.


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