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Tips for helping your Kids play Safely

playing outsideNo matter what time of year it is, playing outside is a staple in every child’s life. It is a fact that children need to go outside to get exercise, sunlight and overcome cabin fever. However, there are dangers you should be aware of as a parent to ensure your child can play and explore in a safe and secure environment. Use the tips here to help your kids play safely and learn from the world around them.

The most important aspect of outdoor play is adult supervision. If there is a parent or other adult monitoring the play at all times you are certain to avoid a new scar, a dangerous game or a child wandering off alone. As a parent you know how quickly a child can get hurt or participate in an activity that is extremely dangerous to their health or well-being. By “keeping an eye on things” you can prevent these problems and keep your child in one piece.

However, while supervising is essential, there are steps you can take to ensure that it is a little less stressful on you. Use the following tips to safe guard your home as well as your child when they are playing away from home:

  • Fences: These provide an excellent way to set visible boundaries for your children. There are several varieties to choose from; however a wooden privacy fence provides the ultimate security for your children. Fencing in Atlanta is one of the best ways to ensure your children will be safe and protected in your yard.
  • Protective gates: These are essential for any area where there is water. This can include a swimming pool, spa or hot tub or even a fish pond. These areas can be fun for children when they are accompanying an adult, however should be strictly off limits any other time.
  • Play equipment: Check all play equipment periodically to ensure there are no structural issues or broken parts. These can be play hazards that can cause harm and injury if not fixed right away.
  • Stranger danger: Ensure your children know that they should never speak to strangers when they are playing at a park or other area. This can be extremely dangerous for them and preparing them is essential for their safety.

For any parent the safety of their child is their top priority. This means you must be willing to occasionally make your child unhappy by setting limits to the things they can do. You do not want to stifle them; however keeping them safe is your duty. Playing outdoors helps kids get rid of excess energy and have fresh air. This time is an important part of growing up and you should ensure your child can enjoy it without any fear for their safety or security.


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