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Throwing a Successful Garage Sale

garage saleA garage sale or yard sale is a great way to turn your extra clutter into cash. There are a few things to keep in mind, however, if you want to maximize your profit and avoid unnecessary stress. A few key ingredients can help your next sale run as smooth as butter.

Keep an eye on local weather reports to avoid days that will be rainy or excessively windy. Although serious bargain hunters will still show up on a drizzly day, you will draw in a lot more casual browsers when the weather is pleasant. It never hurts to be prepared, however, and having some open space in the garage or under a tent will avoid a last minute cancelation if the weather refuses to cooperate.

Let people know that the sale is coming by posting it online or in the local classifieds. Many garage sale goers keep an eye on sites such as Craigslist. You only need to include the important details: location, date, and time. If you have some larger ticket items such as furniture or collectibles, posting pictures on the site can attract more buyers.

Place a sign or two a couple of days ahead of time, letting people know that you’ll be holding a sale. It’s important that these signs be easily readable and relatively weatherproof. No one can read a sign that has blown over in the wind or faded in the sun or rain. Again, all you need to display is time, date, and location. On the day of the sale you can put up additional signs, perhaps with arrows, balloons, or bright colors, to make your sale enticing and easy to find.You can customize your own lawn sign here to really get peoples attention.

There will almost always be a few early birds so be sure to have things set up and organized well ahead of time. Put prices on each item using stickers and organize your items into general categories. This makes it easier for people who are looking for specific items and will avoid messes caused by shuffling and rummaging. Be aware that buyers will be eager to bargain, particularly towards the end of the sale. Decide ahead of time how much you will be willing to bend on prices. It’s also wise to have enough cash on hand to make change for your customers.

Larger sales tend to draw larger crowds. Consider teaming up with friends or other families. You can use different color price stickers to keep track of whose items are being sold. Extra hands are also helpful for setup and cleanup and for answering questions during the sale. Be sure to occasionally gather up your profits and put them in a safe place, it’s a risk to have too much cash in your cash box at any one time. Finally, when it’s all over do yourself a favor and don’t throw the leftovers back in your garage. Preserve your diminished clutter by donating what you don’t want and neatly storing those things that are still valuable to you.


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