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Throwing a Community 5k Fundraiser

Throwing a Community 5k Fundraiser

Throwing a 5K race is an ideal way to get more involved with your community. It’s a function that unites various members of the community who will undoubtedly feel a stronger bond towards the neighbors within it.

The first thing you need to do when it comes to planning a 5K race is to ensure that the date is far off enough so that you’ll have enough time to organize the event and that the participants have enough time to get into their ideal shape before the event.

The second thing you need to do is to choose an ideal location within your community that you will host the event. If you notice with most 5K races, they aren’t typically held on a scorchingly hot day in an environment that seems bland and boring. Ensure that wherever you choose to host it, that the surroundings are beautiful as it will attract more participants and spectators.

After you have the date and location setup in mind, you will need to inquire about a permit to do so from your city council due to the fact that traffic will need to be deterred and certain streets will need to be shut down.

When it comes to a 5K race you will also need to consider the cost associated with hiring the necessary security and medical staff necessary to ensure that things run smoothly. Then you need to figure out the cost associated with the basic items such as water, tents, logo shirts wholesale and port-o-potties.

The last step into successfully organizing a 5K race is focusing on the logistics of the race. You will need to accurately measure the distance of the entire course and ensure that you place the necessary clocks, water stops and signage along the course.

Marketing Plan
Once you have gotten the necessary equipment and have a set date in which you will host the event, you will need to attract spectators and participants. Ensure that you have a marketing plan in terms gaining the attention of the members within your community. You can do small radio advertisements, newspaper ads, posters and business cards just to name a few.

Cutting Down on The Costs
When it comes to cutting back on the cost of the event there are a few things you can do to ensure that you break even. Along with adjusting the entry fees based on the expected return on investment you can try buying a few items in bulk. Talk to your local supermarket about the fact that you intend to host a 5K race and attempt to negotiate on a price for buying some of the necessary supplies in bulk, such as water, cups, logo shirts wholesale band-aids, etc. 


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