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Three Reasons You Should Have a Realtor

realtorWhether you’re buying a house or selling a house, having a realtor is a must. Today’s market especially is a tough one, and having someone to help navigate that sometimes crazy process is a great way to go. Here are three reasons you should have a realtor:

  1. They know what they’re doing. Realtors deal with buying and selling houses all day every day, and, depending on how long your realtor has been in the business, they have experience with all kind of situations and in different types of markets. Buying and selling a house can be a very confusing process, and having someone who understands the ins and outs of that process makes it so much easier.
  2. They have connections. Realtors have the connections and information that “regular” people don’t. They have access to home listings that aren’t available to the general public, and they have connections with other realtors as well. Going with a realtor ensures that you won’t miss out on any great homes simply because you didn’t know they were even out there as an option.
  3. They deal with the stress. Realtors are the intermediary person between you as a seller or buyer, and the other buyer or seller, depending on what end of the exchange you’re on. They take care of the tedious every day things that need to be done, and allow you to continue doing the things you need to on a daily basis without being totally overwhelmed with the process of either buying or selling a house.

Having a realtor is important. So how do you go about finding one? Chances are you have friends and family members who have used a realtor in the past to either buy or sell a house, so asking people you know for recommendations is a great way to go. Looking online is also an option, as a lot of realtors have their own websites with information about how to contact them as well as helpful information on today’s current housing market.  Check out richardmorrison.ca as an example.


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