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Things You Must Check Before Buying A House

house checklistA charming slate path leads through the front garden to a charming front porch. An inviting hearth beckons buyers into the depths of the home. The imagination thrusts open, picturing family gathered singing around the crackling fire. So many happy memories will be spent here. “I must buy this house. I cannot live without it. Here or bust”. Everyone’s had that type of knee-jerk reaction when visiting an open house. It’s how people decide what they will buy. Picturing oneself there is part of the process.

Yes, such curb appeal of a home attracts buyers. Before making the most expensive mistake of a lifetime, be sure to do thorough due diligence. The time to realize that home is a money pit is before the ink on the closing papers dries. Otherwise, all those issues become the buyer’s.

For a house without any homeowner’s association, there is not much involved, or so one might assume. Start by hiring a reputable, trustworthy, and experience homed inspector. They need to check thoroughly for any potential structural issues, electrical, plumbing, and “barrier problems”. For many potential buyers, the relics, or older homes have the greatest charm. The older homes also pose a great deal of repair issues. Many such problems are structural, and therefore very expensive and tricky to fix.

Every homeowner needs a home inspection. That is where the inspector goes through and ferrets out all the blemishes, such as broken window seals, electrical mis-wiring, a potentially deadly fireplace, and a crumbling foundation. Houston foundation repair experts come out and check foundations for problems. Often, such professionals will make a free consultation. Well worth the investment because these professionals may save potential buyers from some terrible, never-ending headaches.

Now, it may be useful to get that free consultation on a newer home too. If, for instance, a house was not built on a solid ground, it could be sinking, right from the start. For homes with fireplaces, it can pay to have a professional take a look at their worthiness as well. Fireplaces need to be built solidly, be kept clean, and have proper parts, depending upon how they burn (wood or gas.)

Additional attention always needs to be given to homes, condos, townhouses that have a homeowner’s association too. These are private corporations, with a board served by volunteers from the community. Through no fault of their own or even through malevolence, boards may neglect the property. Some just do not have the experience to know what needs fixing, and trust the property manager to fix everything. Other communities are stuck with board members who make good deals for themselves and actually take money. The issue is the financials are easily fudged.


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