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Things an Oral Surgeon can Fix

dental-officeThose who need various procedures performed on their mouth, teeth, gums or related parts of the face often turn to an oral surgeon. They may be able to correct birth defects in the mouth, which can help people to improve their speech or make it easier to eat. Even doing reconstructive surgery for those who may have been injured in car crash can be done as well. One of the most common procedures that a San Antonio oral surgeon performs. Many people don’t have enough room in their mouth for their wisdom teeth, and those who have had braces often need to have them taken out in order to keep their teeth straight. However, removing wisdom teeth is only a small part of what oral surgeons are able to do.

Oral surgeons may removed other teeth that have become impacted as well, and once this has been done the other teeth might start to shift. Dental implants can be used to keep that from happening and keep the smile looking at its best. Certain types of jaw irregularities can also be corrected through oral surgeries. An upper or lower jaw can be too long or not shaped correctly, and that can lead to serious problems with function and how the jaw looks. Even those who have trouble breathing when they are sleeping may be able to use oral surgery to correct their issues with sleep apnea. This can be a life threatening condition, so those who have this problem should make sure that they seek medical help.

Even those who have an issue with getting an infection in their mouth or neck can go to an oral surgeon in order to have this fixed. Some infections can even lead to death if they are not handled fast enough. These surgeons know exactly what to do in this region of the body, and there are many problems that they can improve. Even those who end up cancer in their mouth or neck may need to consult an oral surgeon in order to have this removed and find a way to treat it. Cancer is always serious, so those who have found that they may have some kind of growth need to make sure that they see a doctor before right away.

These are all things that a San Antonio oral surgeon can fix. Whether its just have a tooth removed, or having a tumor removed from the face, many people can benefit from having their mouth looked at. It can also help children who were born with an abnormality in their lips or gums.


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