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The Right Time to Buy a Home

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For every family, the right time to purchase a home is completely different and www.lowvarates.com, a veteran loan provider, has some advice on when might be the best time to purchase a home.

Since the 2008 housing market crash you may have heard that owning a home right now isn’t financially smart. However, interest rates on mortgages are at record lows. Some are even as low as 3.4% or even 2.4%. These are amazing numbers for current homeowners who can qualify to refinance, but it’s also great news for potential home buyers.

If you are thinking about purchasing a home for your family then consider this. Not only are interest rates at record lows, but house values are as well so right now is definitely a buyers market. Keep in mind that if you do purchase now you will most likely be holding on to that property for some time as the market makes its slow climb back up.

(iamge: courtesy of sacramentohomesale.com)


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