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The Importance Of Early Childhood Schooling

preschoolEarly childhood education is something that has been extensively studied in the past several years. With so much emphasis in government, as well as in communities across the globe, being placed on the importance of education, it makes sense that we would want to start our children in the educational system as soon as possible. There are so many things that a child can gain from attending school at an early age. Whether or not you are aware of these benefits of preschool, as a parent you will be able to see the difference in your child’s social performance as well as motor skill development and drive to learn more about the things around her/him. With so much to gain from enrolling your child in a pre-school program, there is no reason to ignore the call. If you have any questions about preschool or what services might be available to you and your child, then visit www.academyhills.com today to learn more!

The benefits of early childhood education can be categorized into a number of different subcategories that people are often interested in learning more about when it comes to their children: social development, intellectual abilities, and educational trajectory. As far as social development goes, nothing can beat preschool. Being surrounded by other children is the equivalent of being surrounded by peers. Children are encouraged to make friends and to participate in appropriate activities together. At a young age, this level of comfort engaging in activities with others begins to take root and as the child grows up, he or she will be able to develop socially at an acceptable rate. Further, the intellectual stimulation that is offered in preschool often goes unmirrored in other places in their lives. Children, before school, are not often challenged to express learning or to show consciousness of their own intellectual abilities. This mindset is completely new to them, and it is one that they will need at least through the next 15 years or so as they continue past preschool into higher levels of learning. The more comfortable a young child is not only asking questions but in seeking answers to those questions, the more likely that child is to become involved in defining leadership roles both in and outside of school. This goes hand in hand with educational trajectory. A child that starts his or her educational journey in the classroom at a very young age is apt to learn a lot about the people around him or her. Sparking a curiosity for learning is what fuels the fire for education for years to come. Staying engaged in  your own child’s education will be crucial in making sure that the progress your child sees in preschool comes to fruition later in life.


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