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The Best Tips and Tricks from Plumbers

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Inline plumbing is a devoted a professional plumber. They want you to know all about you own plumbing needs and bring to you some quick tips and tricks for when it comes to plumbing basics.

First of all, learn the lingo. Plumbers use abbreviations and here are some common ones:
•W/C = Toilet
•CWM = Clothes Washing Machine
•DWM = Dish washing Machine
•LAV = Bathroom Sink
•HWT = Water Heater
•LT = Laundry Tray
•CFT = Claw Foot Tub
•FD = Floor Drain

They also have some tips for general plumbing knowledge and maintenance around your house. For example, many people don’t realize that liquid drain removals won’t work on some clogged drains like the shower. A shower drain doesn’t usually have just rust and corrosion. Often, they’re full of hair and soap build-up, which needs to be removed through a suction device like either a plunger or auger.

Toilets can have a million problems and some are bigger than others. Sometimes a simple flap replacement or a new seal can help save you water and fix your problems. However, sometimes there are other problems like low flushing and these don’t always have a quick fix.


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