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The Art Of Shaving Travel Kits

The Art of Shaving is a product brand that has taken the tradition of shaving to new heights. They have not only created a line of products that make men feel pampered where ever they happen to be, but has inspired men to look at shaving as an art and not just a task to be dreaded. Most men have one person to whom they trust their face. It is one barber at a specific shop in or around town to whom they trust to give them a nice close shave. But what does a man do when he has to travel, especially if he is going to be away for a week or more?

The Art Of Shaving Travel KitsWell, The Art of Shaving has an answer. They have put together a travel shaving kit that contains all the essential elements to attain the perfect shave. They have a system that helps their customers learn the techniques to master their perfect shave. Every man’s face is uniquely different; from skin sensitivity, direction of hair growth, to their level of comfortability with shaving themselves. But like every good work, the techniques to produce that work has to be practiced over and over again. And so it is with every boy growing into manhood and every man who knows how they like their face to look and feel after the shave.

The travel kits are available in several different scents and contain TSA approved sized products for easy pack and travel. The containers are all numbered for ease of use. Just use the products in the order that they are numbered and this should make the experience of shaving easier and more pleasurable. The products are designed to do the work, all the shaver has to do is execute the process. The pre-shave oil is designed to lubricate the skin and soften the beard hair to aid the razor in gliding over the skin. The shaving cream used in conjunction with the badger brush lifts the hair so that it ready to be removed without nicks and cuts. After rinsing the face with cold water and drying, then apply the moisturizing balm.

Following this process assures a nice close shave. Here are some technique tips to make this process even more enjoyable.
- The badger brush creates a warm lather for the face. Using fast circular motions will apply the lather and exfoliate the skin at the same time.
-Shave first in the same direction in which the hair grows, lather again, now shave against the growth direction of the hair for a closer shave.

Practicing these techniques will allow the shaver customize his own shaving experience with confidence in his ability to travel anywhere and still look like he just got out of the chair of a master barber.


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