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Teaching Your Kids Great Dental Habits

dental checkupAs a pediatric dentist raleigh would say, it is important to teach your kids good dental habits while they are young. Good health habits carry on into later life making is easier to stick to them as an adult, and also adding to the health of teeth, gums, and all parts of the body. A person who began exercising as a child is better off than one who began in his or her later years. And the same thing goes for dental health. Give your little ones a leg up with good practices established now.

  • Brushing

One of the most important things you can teach your kids about oral health is how to properly brush. A person should brush for a good amount of time in each sitting, for over a minute. The more cavities one is prone to, the longer he or she should bush, to some extent. With weaker teeth, plan on spending a good 2 to 3 minutes at least in each session. Time it for best results, because it will seem like much longer than it is if it is an unusual practice.

Brush all of the teeth, inside, outside, and on top, and use various pediatric dentist raleigh recommended motions to get around each tooth. An electric brush might be best for better motion. Spend time on the tongue, roof of the mouth, cheeks, and gums. Basically, attend to the whole mouth to get rid of germs and gunk throughout it. Use a soft bristled brush to protect the gums, as well.

  • Flossing And Interdental Care

One should brush at least twice a day or after every meal. And one should floss at least once a day at bedtime, so that the mouth is clean for the hours of sleep. This is when bacteria really gets a chance to spread because the mouth is unopened and unused or washed out. Mouthwash is also great. But floss really gets inside the crevices. Other kinds of interdental care also work, such as specialized toothpicks. Floss may be safer for little ones.

  • Check Ups

Get a pediatric dentist raleigh check up every six months and as often as your child needs it. This preventative care can help to prevent cavities and bigger problems like root canals. This helps to teach how the dentist is a good place to go.

  • What And When To Eat

Be careful with high acidity and sugary foods, like pineapple, citrus, and processed junk food. The acid eats away at enamel and the sugar breaks down quickly into bacteria. Good foods are better for your teeth.

Turn to the right pediatric dentist raleigh help for good dental hygiene for the whole family. Frequent, good preventative care saves money and teeth over time.


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