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Teaching Dance

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Something that is incredibly sweet and adorable is when little kids are learning how to dance. The cute factor does not depend on the kind of dance that they are doing, whether it is clogging, swing, ballet, or jazz it is so much better because the kids are doing it. When you teach your kids to dance, you are forming a bond that will be there for the rest of your lives.

Level: Basic. Even if you do not know how to dance, watch a couple of dance videos and you can get a general idea of what to do. It is better when you and your spouse do this together because then you can grow closer as a couple as well as a family. You can make the moves easy enough that you can do them and your kids can also.

Level: Intermediate. Another option that you have is renting a video from the library or somewhere and you can all watch it and copy the moves. They have specific dance DVDs and programs that are aimed towards kids. This way you can get instruction from a professional and you can also do some easy steps as well. The intermediate method is a little harder because you are watching a DVD and sometimes that works and sometimes it does not. It depends on your family.

Level: Expert. You can always take a dance class at your local gym or community center. This method is most likely going to have you and your spouse taking a dance class and then teaching your kids.


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