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Teaching a Young Man to Shave

shaving-300x225Most young men teach themselves how to shave when they are a teenager.  They may ask their dad or friends for some help or tips, but generally they just learn through trial and error.  They may get a lot of cuts and nicks along the way, but eventually they figure out how to make it work.  They may not realize that there is a proper way to shave, and a way to do it that will give them the best results.  But there are a few tips that will really help these young men (or even older men) how to properly shave.

The best way to start a shave would be through a pre-shave oil or gel.  This is the best way to prep your face and get it ready for the shaving.  This will soften the beard hairs and hydrate the skin.  After the pre-shave oil comes the shaving cream.  Shaving cream is best applied with a shaving brush.  Having the right brush will help to get a good foamy lather on your face.  Applying the cream with a brush will really help to conserve the cream and make it last longer.

Once you get the face covered with a great lather of shaving cream you are ready to begin the shaving.  The best way to get a good shave is with a good razor.  Do not buy a cheap razor.  Cheap razors are duller and they don’t cut as well.  Also, there is a better chance that you’ll cut yourself with a cheap razor.  A quality and well-built razor is the best way to get a good close shave.  It’s worth spending a little extra money to get a nice razor. The results will be so much better.  Some men’s razors that are popular are double edge razors or straight razors.

When you shave you should try going with the grain of the hair.  This will help you prevent getting razor burn and having your skin irritated.  It’s easiest to begin shaving on the sides of your face, and then working your way into the middle of your face.            If you have a hard time shaving your neck, or your jaw line, make sure to have a good amount of shaving cream.  This will help the razor slide across your skin.  Don’t push down on the razor too hard.  You should apply a steady but gentle amount of pressure.  Make sure you go slow and steady.  Having patience is also a key to a good shave.

All of these tips and techniques will help teach any young man how to get a good shave.  If he follows these tips he should be able to quickly learn the best way to get a close shave, and how to get a smooth look when finished.


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