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Taking Care Of Someone That Just had Surgery

Mitral valve repair success is an important part of any valve operation. Most doctors want their patient to recover very carefully and quickly. They will be very concerned with how quickly their patient is able to get back on their feet and get back to the active life that they once had. This article will talk about some of the things that someone needs to do in order to take care of someone who just had this difficult procedure.

Be positive and understanding of what they have just gone through. Understand that they may be very groggy and in and out of sleep for a very long time because they may have been heavily medicated. Pain medications can cause a lot of drowsiness and they may not be cogent for very long. They also may have a hard time walking and may have bandages. Ask your doctor what they need when they return home from their surgery. Your doctor will often provide you with a way to take care of them or may even send a home care specialist to help them overcome the first few weeks back at home.

Make sure that your dwelling is prepared for their return. A person’s ability to move will be extremely limited after their surgery. This is problematic, because you may expect them to have more ability to move than they actually do. They may not be able to go up stairs or lift. They may not be able to drive a car or operate machinery for a very long time. You may have to mow the lawn for a while. They will also not be able to do too much in terms of physical activity. They may not be able to do their regular tasks. Learn these and do them for them. Cook meals that are easily heated and digestible. They may only be able to keep down liquids at first. A person may fall asleep during meals and may need to have their food reheated.

Be positive. Let the person know how well they are recovering, even if they are getting better very slowly. Comment on their progress and how well they look. Do not comment on physical attributes of their condition, such as their scar. This will give them a mental boost that will help them get better more quickly. Being positive is very important because it helps the patient recover to their fullest potential and gives them mental energy that they may need.

Surgery is a tough condition to overcome. Thankfully, due to minimally invasive mitral valve repair, a patient can recover successfully. Make sure that the patient that is in your care has everything that the doctor says that they need. This will help them get better very quickly. Make sure that the home is cleaned to help minimize the risk of infection.


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