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Taking Care Of A Sick Pet

sick_petPets, just like humans, are susceptible to all kinds of different sicknesses, and they need similar care and rest in order to recover. While it might be easy to imagine a dog with a runny nose or a cat with a sneezing problem, it is sometimes harder to picture a bird with a fever or a hamster with a cold. All of these animals require love and attention as soon as they show signs of sickness. If you think that your pet might be sick, then you ought to contact a veterinarian right away. Look up www.VeterinariansDallasTX.com to find a veterinarian near you.

Like humans, pets need a few basic things in order to start healing from sickness. Make sure your pet gets some fresh air. Open your windows. Go for a walk. Perhaps invest in some potted plants to help clear the air a little bit if your pet is resting in the same room for long periods of time. It’s a good idea for your pet to get lots of rest, and you don’t want him or her moving around from room to room too much. When an animal is able to get some rest, that animal’s body is using all of its energy to fight the sickness that he or she is suffering with. However, getting so much rest often means not allowing for much air circulation, in the body and in the room that one is resting in. Keep the air circulating by adding a fan or by simply moving around the room when your pet is resting to help them breathe easier.

Sometimes the source of the sickness can be a real difficulty trying to find. In some cases, the hidden culprit is motion sickness. Motion sickness is simply the effect that being in motion has on the human body, but the same thing can happen to animals of all kinds. If you have recently been on a trip of some kind where your pet was in a crate while in motion, whether it was in a car or airplane or other transportation vehicle, this might be the reason why your pet has been acting so sick. Motion sickness usually hits during the motion itself, but it is known to linger for quite some time after the motion has stopped. In fact, many people report the sick feeling increasing far after the motion was over. This is the same effect for many animals that suffer from motion sickness. Though you may have come home from a road trip several days ago, your dog might only now be feeling the really awful nausea and sensitivity to sound and light that point to motion sickness as the most likely cause of sickness.


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