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Taking Care of a Loved One Who Can’t Themselves

retirementhomeIt’s truly a tragic experience when a loved one has either gotten to a point in their life where they are no longer able to physically function on their own or who have been seriously injured and cannot do many things for a certain period of time. These cases, though extreme, do happen and they happen often. It is up to the individual who is indirectly involved whether or not they are ready to step up and take care of their loved one for a long term period of time. If they are, then there are things to keep in mind during the healing process or long term position as a live in home health care provider.

Even if a CNA has not been acquired, if the harmed or handicapped individual deems you capable of performing certain functions for them, then you have the job. Keep in mind that if it’s a case of injury, the individual may very well be functional in more than one way and may only need help on specific functions. Make sure there is a clear line of communication between you and the one you are caring for, since without it, more harm than help could be done to them. This also helps to avoid awkward moments, if the person whom you are helping is bashful or not used to voicing their needs to others.

This does not necessarily mean that a CNA is not helpful. If you feel that in home health care is an enjoyable line of work, then going to school to become a CNA may be the smart move. This could also lead to other job advancements down the line, once some experience has been gathered. Although, for many people, in home health care is a specialized situation. In which they would prefer that it only be for those whom they are more intimately involved, such as their significant other, friends, or family. This is just fine, though, since working as a caretaker can be a draining and difficult career if one is not mentally committed to the line of work. This means that, like any other career, this is not meant for everyone.

Besides communication, acknowledgement is also key. It may be difficult being around someone for hours on end without getting caught up in something else, somewhere along the line, but this could be a matter of life and death if the one being cared for is in a terrible condition. Keeping your attention on the task at hand is important, as is making sure that they are fed a healthy meal at proper times of the day. Hygiene is equally as valued, since their health may decrease even further if not properly bathed on a regular basis. Living as an in home care giver, you are basically living the life of someone else alongside them.


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