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Staying Cozy On Halloween

Staying Cozy On HalloweenIt can be hard to stay cozy on Halloween in some areas of the country. While some people have the luxury of sunny skies almost year round, other people are not so lucky. For those who live in the east or in the Midwest Halloween oftentimes means rain, wind, and low temperatures. Therefore, it is important to consider the weather when choosing Halloween costumes so that everyone from the kids to the dog is cozy on the big day. After all, if you are wet and cold most of the day then it will be hard to enjoy the fun side of the holiday.

First off, you can help ward off the poor weather conditions by simply choosing a warm costume. Warm does not have to mean that you sacrifice your ideas however; you just need to adapt them some. For instance, if you are looking at costumes for your children and you know it will likely be cold consider buying a costume that is one size larger. You can use the extra room in the costume to bundle up your child. This way they can wear a layer of warm clothing underneath of their costume. They will look great and feel warm when they head out to go trick or treating.

If you have very young child such as toddlers or babies you might want to think about using a stroller or a wagon to go trick or treating. This is due to the fact that you can close the strollers up to keep the winds out when you are not at a door. Some wagons have canopies that can help keep the winds off of young children. At the very least you can have blankets in the wagon so that when the children are in the wagon they can bundle up a bit more and warm up for the next house.

Finally, you might want to think about carrying warm beverages for everyone in your group. True, children are not going to be drinking coffee, but most kids like warm milk or hot chocolate. The same way that a coffee will help keep you warm, a nice mug of hot chocolate will help your little ones feel toasty. Plus, it’s like an extra treat on the holiday that will probably make them feel like big kids making it an extra special bonus. By just doing these few tricks or taking a minute to view more you can make sure that your entire family stays cozy on the next Halloween outing that you plan. It pays to take a few minutes to be thoroughly prepared.


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