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Starting Your Child off the Right Way with Education

Mother Helping Daughter with HomeworkWhy is starting education for your children early so important?  Because our children learn so many new things when they are young, it is important to begin exposing them to the ideas of learning as early as possible.  When a child is first born they have to learn and master every new skill they are presented.  Their young minds are well prepared for this challenge.  AS parents, it is important to continue to challenger your child in areas of learning that include education based concepts as well as new skills.  Montessori Omaha believes in working as a partner with families to continue the education of children at an early age.  Here are some of the important elements to starting off education in the right way:

  • Reading.  The most fundamental skill any child can have is the ability to read.  Reading is also one of the hardest skills to master and has many elements that help to lead up to this important step.  Beginning with understanding picture books and how a story works, to recognizing letters and sounds, to finally blending letters to form words and then combining words to form sentences.  Begin early to expose your child to this great skill and read to them long before you can read with them.
  • Counting.  Early match skills such as counting can help get your child off to an early start.  Often children will begin to mimic you as you count numbers.  Help them to learn and recognize numbers in sequence as well as individually when written.
  • Patterns.  Learning patterns, sequences, and simple addition in real life situations can help prepare your child for school.  Allow them to work with you as you match items such as socks, talk to them about the steps it takes to make cookies to teach sequences, and point out patterns in your home or in their surroundings.
  • Shapes.  Beginning shapes such as square, circle, and triangle should become easily recognizable to children by the age of 2 or 3.  The more exposed your child is to these early learning concepts the more they can build on this.
  • Colors.  Another important early childhood learning skill is to recognize and use color.  Beginning with the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue you can begin to teach your child to recognize color simply by asking about what those around them are wearing or pointing out colors in items they see.  Your child will feel their first great successes as they begin to master these early learning and recognition skills.

Learning happens naturally for a child. Help them to continue to expand their horizons as well as their skills as you encourage good learning habits, expose them to new ideas, and above all else read with them.  Reading and books are the doorways to imagination and learning.  Teacher your child at an early age to have a love for books and they’ll have a lifelong adventure of learning.


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