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Starting A Catering Company On The Side

cateringStarting a business on the side can be the best way to determine if it is something you want to or will be able to do before committing to quitting your full-time job. In San Diego, catering companies can be a worthy venture. If you enjoy cooking, showcasing your talent and serving guests, a side catering business will give you the creative outlet and entrepreneur experience without all the risk. Financial security is important, however so are dreams and passion.

Do you have what it takes to run your own business? This is, of course, the first question you need to ask yourself. Passion is required. Passion for the nature of catering; preparing, cooking, planning and organizing events, as well as the passion and drive to succeed in operating a company. As a business owner there are many hats to be worn. A business owner must be manager, receptionist, CPA, market researcher, advertiser, and much more. A business owner must be able to wear these hats, sometimes at the same time, to ensure the success of the company. Starting a business, even a part-time business, is time-consuming. Having the demands of a full-time job, family and home obligations as well as community activities can be overwhelming, be sure you want to add running a part-time business on top of your other obligations. Effective time management is essential when launching a side business.

Before you open the doors there are a few steps. You will want to make sure you have a business plan. A simple business plan is just that a plan of the steps you need to take and what to expect when beginning a side business. During the planning process you will find information about what permits or licenses San Diego catering companies require. It is also important to have money in savings for the start-up costs of a new business. This usually does not require a huge investment, especially as a part-time business. However there are start-up costs to any business, business cards, website, equipment and overhead. Be sure not to add financial stress by having to work to keep your part-time business alive.

The growth and development of San Diego and catering companies in the area indicate that it is a great time to explore the option of starting a catering company on the side. Whether you want to explore your creativity or increase your financial portfolio a small side business can be the answer you are looking for. If you have a passion for cooking and organizing events there are several way to get the experience such as a part-time job, volunteer work and courses in both business and culinary arts. Once you test it out you may find that you can eventually leave your full-time job to live your dreams.


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