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Smoking In Style: Smoking Accessories

smokingLet’s face it, taking your cigarette out of its box is pretty ordinary…Why not light up your cigarette with style. Of course we know that having a match or a cigarette lighter is an absolute necessity, but what else can accompany you in your smoking experience? First off, there are various kinds of smokers out there. There is the traditional cigarette smoker or the smoker who carries around their own tobacco and rolls it up him/herself. There are also those who prefer to place their smoking concoction upon another device be it a pipe or bong.

For those of us who like to smoke a cigarette, these are some of the things you can use to spice up the experience. A cigarette case can hold all the cigarettes you need for the day while making a truly unique statement that speaks to you. There are numerous designs that range from the artistic all the way up to having your favorite sports team on your case. The lighter can also use a little facelift couldn’t it? There are numerous designs out there that can help you personalize your lighter. There are some that are made out of sterling, copper or gold. Let us not forget that 1920′s look, why not purchase a cigarette holder? This little accessory helps you keep the smoke away from your face. It is also a very classy accessory.

Those who smoke cigars can probably benefit from having a specifically designed cigar holder or a personalized lighter, but the slow burn of the match is better suited for you. There are beautiful and personalized match boxes which will spice up your home decor. What you cannot do without is a cigar cutter and there are many designs and colors available for you too.

Those of us who prefer to roll the tobacco have a few options available as well. Of course it is obvious that a personalized lighter will still serve a purpose but how would one carry the tobacco around? It is safe to assume that you have already figured that out, but why not purchase a tobacco stash box? There are many personalized options that range from pop culture to something specially handmade. Of course there is the other option: the bong, and there are many designs accompanied by that option.

Last but not least, if you are into combinations, gadgets or the prestige there is something for you too. There is the automatic cigarette dispenser and lighter, or the cigarette and flask combination. There are also cigarette accessories that are made out wood and precious stones, complete with your own specific carving or engraving, what more can you ask for? Light it up my friends; but with style, of course. Smokazon.com has tons of great accessories, check them out their website.


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