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Small Dogs Lots of Work

small dogWhen deciding on a family pet for your children, most households will choose a dog. Just providing a good home for a dog is not enough. There is a lot of work that goes into raising a health, happy canine.

Having a home and lots of attention is only part of the job as a pet owner. All dogs need to have exercise daily, proper grooming and up to date vaccinations. An animal hospital in Columbus and surrounding areas will help with all of your dogs needs.

Understanding what kind of dog will fulfill your family needs is also important. If a high energy dog is not suitable for your lifestyle because you live in an apartment you have to find one that does. Owners of a dog should do their research on the specific breed they would like to own. The information about the breeds will help owners better understand what type of dog will best fit their style of living. There are many dogs to choose from. If you have a family with small children, consider one with a calm temperament that loves kids.

Examples of great dogs for a family are:

• Labrador Retriever
• Golden Retriever
• Boxers
• German Sheppard

Many families want their children growing up with a dog. Retrievers are a larger breed of dog, but are great with small kids and are easy to train. This breed has the energy to play ball or swim with your kids for a few hours, but will lay quietly as your child rests their head on top of your pet to read a book.

Maybe you do not have children, but would like a companion to spend time with. There are breeds of dogs that are calm enough and small in stature to keep indoors. If you want to have an indoor pet, contemplate the toy breed of dog such as:

• Yorkshire Terrier
• American Cocker Spaniel
• Toy Poodle
• Pugs

The toy breeds are great companions for the elderly, as well as, single people. They sleep in small kennels in your home or apartment without taking up a lot of space. They are comfortable sitting on your lap for long periods of time enjoying your affection.

Owning a dog comes with responsibilities. Do not be a lazy owner who does not take their dog for daily walks. The walk is profitable for both the pet and the owner. Providing good health care and exercise is important for the animal. There are many animal hospitals in Columbus that not only provide vaccinations, but also grooming for your new family member. Providing for all of your dogs needs will ensure a happy pet and a happy home.


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