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Servicing Your Oil-Burner

Servicing Your Oil-BurnerMany homes throughout the Long Island area utilize an oil burner in order to heat the home. An oil-fired burner is rather common in the region, but if you ever experienced problems with the equipment, you likely are going to need immediate assistance with the equipment. After all, the last thing you want to do is deal with an extended time during the winter while your home is not properly heated. With oil burner repair Long Island services, you can bring in a professional to assist you. However, there are a few tips you can utilize in order to see if there is an issue you can fix, or if it is necessary to wait for the professionals to come in and service your equipment.

For the most part, an oil burning furnace is rather complex, so unless you have extensive experience with the equipment, you shouldn’t go tearing it apart. There are a few maintenance tips though you can utilize. For starters, you need to clean the blower at the beginning of the winter season (or when you start to use the heat in the house). You also want to clean it about midway through the season as well, as this prevents any sort of oil and charred build up on the burner. Removing the soot inside of the stack prevents a loss of heat and possible fires as well. Around the blowing motor, you should see if there is a grease or oil fittings. If there are, make sure to lubricate the fittings throughout the heating season by using non detergent motor oil. All of this is going to help extend the life of your furnace and prevent problems. This way, you are less likely to experience your burner form shutting down.

If your furnace won’t run, there are a few different areas you can check. First, there might not be any power, which means you should check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Shut down the furnace for about 30 minutes and then press the reset button, check to make sure there is oil in the tank and clean out the oil filter and oil pump strainer to clear out any blockages. If these steps don’t correct the furnace from running, you need to contact the professionals.

If your burner does run but won’t light it means there is either no fuel or no ignition spark. Refilling the tank is rather simple, and if there isn’t an ignition spark, you need to press the reset button and clean out the stack control. If this doesn’t help, you need to contact the professionals. Any other problem you might rung into, it is necessary to contact the professionals and have them assist you.


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