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Replacing a Dishwasher

replacing_a_dishwasher_sA dishwasher is a luxury for many homeowners and apartment dwellers. If you have ever dealt with hand-washing your dishes, a dishwasher may seem like the most amazing invention ever created! When a dishwasher gets old and needs to be replaced, consider installing the new one on your own. You can save a lot of money on the installation costs by installing your own dishwasher. Here are some tips on how you can get started:

  • Size your existing dishwasher and make sure the one you have purchased is not larger than this size. You need it to fit precisely into the opening you are taking the old one out of. The new units on the market use less water and are energy-efficient. Look for one that will upgrade the look of your kitchen.  Typically a dishwasher is 24-inches wide and it’s pretty easy to install.
  • Shut off power to your existing dishwasher and remove the main panel under the bottom. Your dishwasher could be connected to the power source underneath the sink. Once you have shut off the power, detach the hot water source. If your dishwasher is hard wired, you will need to pull out several tools to get it unhooked. You need to take a look at the hard-wired system to see if you have to purchase a new cord for your new dishwasher, which is often the case for older models.
  • When you remove the water line, be careful with the copper supply line. If this line bends, it can easily crack and you can deal with a flood. Do not kink the copper line; a slight bend in the line is fine. Any pinching of the line will lead to a crack and usually a flood.
  • Dry out any standing water that is inside the old dishwasher. Now you can gently slide it out of place. Some models have screws that are attached to the cabinets. Check for them before you start to remove your old dishwasher. This will prevent you from breaking your cabinets!
  • Once you clean out the area where the old dishwasher was, you can install the new one. You will need to read the instruction manuals to be sure you are doing it correctly. When you are fitting it in place, tip it on a 90-degree angle to slowly push it into place.
  • After you follow the directions to adjust your leveling feet and air line (common for new models), you can then connect it. Find your copper water line and attach it first. Then you want to connect the electrical cable and the drain line. Check for any leaks before you secure the new dishwasher to the cabinet.


If you are concerned about leaks or you are struggling to install your new dishwasher. Contact your local Rotorooter. They can come out and easily install the new dishwasher for you within the hour.


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