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Relocating for a New Job

Young Man Moving Sofa Into New HomeRelocating can be an extremely tense and stressful experience. It can happen over a length of time or it can happen suddenly.  In either case there are plenty of different options you have to make the transition go much more smoothly than you anticipate.

One of the first things you need to do is sort out housing.  You’ll have to figure out all of the intricate details of cost of leaving your current housing – whether you’ll need to sell, rent, or pay a fine for breaking a contract, etc. – and then move on to figuring out your new housing situation.

When you move to a new town it’s not the best idea to sign a year lease right away.  A great thing to do is to settle into a rental for a short amount of time and within a year find a neighborhood that suits your needs and an area in which you’ve become familiar with.  Just because something looks good on paper doesn’t mean that the reality of that situation is as good.

Finding the best apartment can really take time.  Often some of the best apartments aren’t even listed in obvious places online or in local newspapers – they are spread by word of mouth or you find them while you are navigating new areas.  And if you’re looking for a luxury apartment you’ll want to see it in person for sure.  These are more expensive leases to sign and so you’ll really want to know that you’ll be comfortable and love it there.  San Diego luxury apartments can be especially expensive when compared to other parts of the country where you might mortgage a 3000 square foot home for the same monthly price.

Moving all of your items can be quite a hassle as well.  And depending on your income you have a few options.  #1 you can call a moving company (although be certain that it is a well loved and insured moving company, because you don’t want any of your precious items stolen, broken, or lost).  #2 you can place items in a storage unit and come back for them in a month or two – once things have settled down in your new location.  #3 you can pack and move everything by moving truck yourself.  You can buy moving boxes or get boxes from your local grocery store, department stores, or craigslist for free.  #4 you can sell most of your items via eBay, craigslist, yard sales, your local classified, etc.

Pack up your house by room.  It is easier to unpack if everything is separated based upon the room it belongs in.  Hopefully you only end up with 1 or 2 catch all boxes.  Label boxes “kitchen”, “master bath”, “kids bath”, “Susie’s room”, “garage”, etc.

Involve your family and friends in the moving process.  While you’re busy moving you’ll be missing out n quality time with friends and family that you’ll be leaving behind.  Be sure to involve them, so that you can spend time folding and packing clothes and chattering away.

If you’re moving within a week or two and plan to come back for most of your belongings than be sure to empty the fridge and get rid of any food/trash items that could spoil or attract bugs.  You don’t want to deal with any extra problems when you get home.


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