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Regular Inspection Can Help Prevent Common Roof Problems

roof_problemsThe roof of your home is a costly investment that requires regular maintenance and inspection. You can help to maintain your roofing materials with just a little time and attention. For roofing Denver residents can call on an experienced roofing company for the best advice and professional service.

Regular Visual Inspection
Do a monthly inspection of your roof to ensure that problems are caught and repaired early to prevent more serious damage. Stand back on the street and do a visual inspection. Notice any darkened areas or loose material. If you are in good physical shape, place a ladder against the house and climb it to inspect where you suspect a problem. Always have a helper to steady the ladder for you. You can also use a pair of binoculars to do a more thorough inspection of roofing materials.

Clean and Repair Gutters
One of the most important things you can do to keep your roof in good repair is to maintain gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters can back up, flooding rainwater onto the roof and keeping it in contact with materials. The moisture can then begin to deteriorate tiles and underlayment. Remove built-up debris regularly to keep the water flowing away from roofing materials.

Maintain Good Ventilation
Good airflow helps to keep roofing materials in good condition. When air stagnates moisture and bacteria begin to degrade materials, quickly leading to a need for repairs.
Ridge vents, soffit vents and attic exhaust fans can help to keep air moving around your roof structures to help prevent this deterioration.

Trim Trees and Bushes
Another easy way to help protect your roof is by keeping overhanging trees and bushes trimmed back. Branches can help to carry rainwater onto the roof and keep it in contact with roofing materials. Insects and mold can also be spread to the materials by overhanging foliage.

Check for Signs of Leaks
You should also inspect the interior of your home for any signs of moisture or leaking. Check the exterior roof area for loose or missing tiles, raised sections or dark areas.
Call a reputable roofing company to advise you on the best methods of repair to prevent further damage to the materials.

Check for Signs of Mold Growth
If you live in a region of the country that has many overhanging trees, mold can grow on roofing materials that lie in constant shade. Mold can grow between tiles, causing them to lift up slightly. The raised areas can then allow water into the underlying structures. If you find areas of mold growth on your roof, remove it immediately to prevent deterioration of roofing materials.


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