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Reasons to Finally Get Your Bachelors Degree

bachelorsdegreeThe current job market and the economy as a whole are not in a very good place, worldwide. More than any other time in recent history, there are incredibly high numbers of people living barely at a subsistence level, while a select few of others continue to enjoy the comforts of moderate to extreme wealth. Why this disparity? There could be many reasons why, such as the lack of job opportunities, retrenchment, war, recession etc. but, to be sure, it’s important to know just who these jobless/employed people are.

Research has shown that the unemployment rate is more than twice as high for people without a high school diploma than for those with an Associate’s degree. This gap widens to three times when in comparison to those who have a Bachelor’s degree. The unemployment rate is the lowest for those with a doctorate degree, a Master’s degree, or even a professional one.

Why is this so? You may argue that a college degree is not mandatory for all professions, such as the hospitality industry, or service jobs. (Or for construction workers, police officers, plumbers, retail salespeople and secretaries, among others.) But while these jobs are certainly “open” to those without degrees, they would have a much better chance of landing the job if they had a Bachelors degree. When an employer has to choose between two candidates who have the same job experience, he is more likely to go for the person with a degree. The assumption is that those with degrees are more skilled and perhaps more knowledgeable about their chosen field of work.

A college graduate also has a better chance of retaining his job when employees are being retrenched. The logic is very much the same as above, so job security is a very good reason to finally get a degree degree, even if it means an additional 4 years in a classroom and student loans. The returns from the effort you put into your education more than compensate for the burden of paying off the loan, in the long run.

With a Bachelors or Master’s degree, your chances of getting higher paid jobs go up significantly, as more avenues are open to you. The more advanced your degree, the higher you can aim for as well, in the corporate ladder.

There are certain fields, which are rapidly evolving, such as writing and technically oriented ones. Here a degree helps in two ways: firstly, to keep up with innovations and new technology, you will have to continuously study, and having a college degree automatically qualifies you as ‘educated’ and better able to process new information. Secondly, employers feel that those with degrees are more versatile, because they have had hands-on training in computer software and in writing in a range of genres, such as software writing, and writing for the rapidly evolving online audiences.

There are a variety of courses that one can take, both at a university and online. The Utah State online Bachelors degree programs may be a better option if you are employed at a day/night shift job, and can make time to study only at odd hours. If you are responsible about studying, and conscientious student, an online degree is something you can definitely explore. On the other hand if you want a college education along with the life of a student on a college campus, you may want to study in a more traditional atmosphere.

Getting a Bachelors degree is not merely an “option” anymore, as the job market is hugely competitive, and the courses you take will make a difference to your financial future.


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