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Proper Dental Care

Dental careKeeping a healthy mouth is part of keeping a healthy body. It is not just part of the mindset of good personal hygiene; it actually physically impacts your overall health. Let’s discuss some important ways to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

1. Brush your teeth more than once a day. It is ideal to brush after every meal. Most of us do not carry a toothbrush to work, however, so carry some gum with you. This won’t do the same job as brushing, but it can help kill bacteria and pull some of the food from in between your teeth.
2. Brush your tongue! New brushes have been put out on the market in recent years to address this issue. Your tongue has hundreds of tiny crevices that hold bacteria.
3. Flossing is one of the best ways to keep your mouth healthy. Most cavities occur in between teeth because food gets trapped in small spaces, and dark moistness is the perfect environment for bacterial growth. Flossing removes this food when done properly. In order to get the most benefit from dental floss, you really need to watch yourself in the mirror at least for the first few times. Pull the floss between your teeth, making sure to pull it up under the gum line as high as possible on all sides of the tooth.
4. Mouthwash is an additional tool to help kill bacteria that flossing may have missed.

Improper dental care can lead to more visits to the dentist than you may care to pay for. Below are just two of the dental problems that can happen if you avoid proper dental care.
1. Dental Caries – This is the medical term for a cavity. Cavities occur when plaque combines with the sugar and starch in our food and begin to eat into the tooth’s enamel.
2. Gum Disease – Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. In this stage the gum line is inflamed due to a buildup of plaque and bacteria underneath it. Periodontal disease is the later stage of gum disease that is defined as an infection of the gums. It requires more extensive treatment because if your gums have reached this stage of disease, they have begun to recede. During the last stages of periodontal disease, if you have not received treatment, your gums will recede so far that your teeth could fall out.

Don’t let this happen to you. Take care of your mouth! Find a local dentist today. Use the internet to find a dentist in your area. For example, you could google “Dentist in San Jose CA”.


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