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Prom on a Budget

Prom dressesAnyone with a teenage daughter probably dreads the dreaded prom night. Aside from making sure she has a fun, safe and responsible date, there’s the wallet the worry about with the dress, shoes, jewelry, hair, makeup, nails, etc. This is like the greatest night for a teenage girl so she’ll want all the bells and whistles to make sure it is unforgettable. Fear not, there are some great tips to successfully accomplish prom on a budget. First of all, we shall discuss the dress. If you are looking for modest casual dresses look no further than Downeast. They have a great variety of nice dresses that are modest for any teenage girl. In my opinion people go way over the top and get dresses that are much too formal therefore end up spending a lot of money. By looking for more modest casual dresses you can have a much better price tag associated with it. The following are some tips to help you accomplish prom on a budget. First of all, create a budget and let your daughter know what it is so that she understands what she has to work with.

By creating a budget before you start shopping you are less likely to let things get out of control. Second, try to look for a dress in a classic color. This will not only look nice, but it will more than likely ensure that she could wear the dress to another event in the future thus cutting down on costs with buying a new dress for every occasion. A black cocktail dress for instance will always be in style. Third, consider borrowing from a friend. Chances are someone has a dress, shoes or jewelry you like and that is in your size. Often times going this route is a good option to save money and still look nice because most dresses from school dances were only worn once. Fourth, consider forgoing the traditional limo and rent a party bus or take a cab. Lots of time teens like to feel special and get the limo but that can be a way to save some money.

Often times teens go in groups, and party bus companies can give a group discount. Fifth, have a beauty day where you and all your girl friends get together and do your own hair, makeup and nails. This can save a bunch of money since salons and pricey and then you need to tip your stylist on top of the base cost. Not only will this save you money, but it will be fun to create memories with your daughter’s friends. Sixth, consider skipping the formal portraits and having someone take a whole bunch of pictures of you and your date and group at someone’s house beforehand, or at a local place such as a park. These pictures will tend to turn out better anyways because they are more candid than the formal pictures. I know I love my candid photos a lot better than the formal one my date and I had taken at the dance. So have fun at prom but save some money too!


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