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Potty Training Tips

potty-training-Potty training your toddler feels like a rite of passage for most parents.  Overcoming the diaper phase not only saves your household money, but is also an important step in development for your child.  There are so many ways to potty train, and no one way fits for every child every time.  The most important tip to remember when potty training is to listen and learn from the cues and clues your child gives and then follow their lead.

Here are some other popular potty training tips:

  • Consider potty rewards.  Rewards can be used in the initial stage of potty training if your child remembers to tell you they need to go, as well as if they actually need to go.  In later stages of potty training rewards can be used to reinforce bathroom behaviors such as wiping and washing their hands.
  • Praise.  This is probably one of the most powerful influences for positive potty training.  It can however require much patience and self control.  The key is to praise every positive attempt or success your child makes while potty training without losing control or showing disappointment and anger when your child has an accident or a slip.
  • Consistency.  When potty training your child you need to allot some devoted time to the process.  One of the best ways to encourage potty training is to take your child to the bathroom every 20 minutes around the clock during their waking hours.  If you or your child have a hard time remembering the timing intervals you may consider an investment of a potty watch that includes a timer and reminder for you both.
  • Discover the fear.  Helping your child work through the scary parts of potty training before beginning will help make the process go smoother in the long run.  There are books, movies, and other potty training helps that will make it possible to help your child begin to understand the process and eliminate any fear about the toilet before you begin potty training.
  • Motivation charts.  Sticker charts or other charts that allow your child to mark their progress can serve as a motivator as well as a reminder of their success while potty training.  There are several types of charts and sticker sets you can buy specifically designed for potty training, or you can easily create one on your own that reflects the interests of your child.

The most important thing to remember when potty training is to not let success or failure at a particular moment affects your overall relationship with your child.  You must have patience, be consistent, and above all else continue to show your child love through this process.  Though it may take some time they will eventually master it and you can move on to the next parenting challenge.


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