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Optimizing Your Blog Posts To Help Search Results

blogWith the practice of blogging growing, promoting your website has become easier. There is more of a need for exposure for smaller companies and entities and so there are more ways to make that happen. The need has been filled pretty well. It is just up to you to learn these techniques to optimize you posts.

Write What They Want

Pay attention to what your followers read, comment on, and love. With a comments section and some kind of tracker device you can see how many people read the post and have something to say. Maybe input is more important to you, or perhaps you just want them to get though the whole article. You can see what topics are shared and cared about, to tailor your work in the right direction. This only matters if you want more readers and exposure. It might also help you to see if your content and marketing, including web design, is aimed toward the right reader. Maybe you are trying to write for a different audience. This becomes more apparent by tracking feedback.

Guest Blogging

Did you know that promoting your website can be fun? You can do what you always do and love, but on other sites, for more exposure and SEO. When your work in other places is linked to your blog, search engines pick it up and move your page up in rankings. If you can make it to the top page or two of peoples’ search results, you can gain a lot more visibility. And this can snowball when people read and share your work. So post on others’ blogs to build relationships and visibility. And allow others to write on yours for the same reasons.


  • Use headers in your articles to make them easier to scan through. Headers show what the section is about. This helps navigation for people and robot search engines.
  • Place the keywords in the right places. Place keywords and hyperlinks in locations that engines can pick up on. Put them in headers or in the first sentence of various paragraphs. Space them out so that you do not seem suspicious. No reader likes to read the keyword too redundantly, so space them out about 50-150 words apart.
  • Make it readable and searchable to engines. The key to SEO is to make your content both searchable and readable. If the content is for the main site, it needs to be more readable, and it is for the backdoor is somewhere not attainable by humans that is less important.

With these practices, promoting your website is simpler. Post on other pages, build online relationships to do so, invite other bloggers, use good formatting, and optimize your SEO to help with search results.


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