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One Of The Best Processes For Getting Your Concrete Pavements Pressure Washed

cc713df2It’s come time to have that concrete pavement cleaned brought back to looking like brand new. You’ve probably noticed that if concrete is not properly maintained, it can wear over time and end up cracking, giving way to weed growth and bugs, and look very neglected. If your a commercial property owner, you probably have parking lots that you have to keep up, and over time the painted lines can wear off and then have to be redone. But before they can be, the cleaning has to be done, and there’s a process that goes into it that can get better concrete cleaning and sealing results.

The Prewash Process

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning the concrete surface is not simply grabbing a high-powered sprayer and jetting out every dirt speck in site. You might be surprised that dirt, grime, mold and other things you need to get rid of could be brought to the surface with a touch of foam or other cleaning compound that could draw them up pretty easily. A company that uses eco-friendly prewash cleaners will get you far more thorough results and chances are the concrete will look a lot more fresh once the wash has been complete.

The Wash Process

Once everything has been brought to the surface, it’ll get sprayed off in a fairly quick manner. Now you don’t have to worry about high-powered water blasting away everything in sight and potentially chipping off sections of the slab because the dirt was not properly handled. The professionals use just the right amount of pressure so that all the surfaced dirt gets washed off, but everything underneath that remains intact. Extra care has to be given in this process especially to concrete surfaces that may not have been treated in years.

The Sealing Process

Probably the process that gets neglected the most in a concrete cleaning is sealing it. Sealing should be done after a power wash because concrete can wear over time and get battered by the elements or human activity. Sealing can also make it easier to paint new lines on the slabs and give them more durability. There’s a lot of different kinds of sealants that could be chosen, some have more of a rugged look to them, others have finer finishes such as gloss or speckled looks to them. The main issue with sealing is just to make sure the surface has the proper dry time.


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