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Long-Term Health Benefits of Cleaner Teeth

Having the proper care for your teeth can save you hundreds to thousands. At Visalia Dental you can get the best care for your teeth and help prevent other issues from occurring. However, you can take some precautions yourself as well.

Although most people know they should brush three times a day, they do not know why it is suggested for three times a day. Usually, people eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So, anytime after eating you should brush your teeth to prevent cavities. The type of tooth paste used can make a difference as well. Using a tooth paste that is specifically for prevention of cavities is best. Brushing in circular motion will help remove food particles and plaque build up.

Flossing should be done at least once a day. Brushing is great removing plaque on the surface, but is not as effective between the teeth. Between the teeth is one of the most common places cavities form since they are much harder to reach. Flossing will loosen any plaque and food particles. Afterwards, it is best to use mouth wash to remove any remaining plaque. Antiseptic mouth wash is great for cleaning the entire mouth but should always be used with both flossing and brushing.

Having a cleaning twice a year at Visalia Dental can also keep your teeth in good shape. Cleanings can get places where you may not be able to reach. Once a cleaning is done, your dentist will have a look to indicate if there are any problems that should be addressed.

Gingivitis is one of the most common gum diseases. This type of disease alone occurs in one out of every three adults. One way this disease occurs is from cavities. Once the disease sets in, it can cause receding gum lines as well as tooth loss. Weakening enamel is another reason why teeth will decay at a faster rate. Having a dentist assist you with this can prevent you from loosing teeth or having to have implants later on that will cost much more.

If you have a child, they should visit the dentist regularly as well. Catching an issue before it worsens can make impact on their teeth later in life. Some children may need braces to straighten teeth so they will not grow in crooked. Not only is it a concern appearance wise the older they get, but it can cause problems with neighboring teeth later one and be much harder to clean. Children should have twice a year teeth cleaning as well as the adults.

Visiting a dentist on a regular basis can benefit you or a child in the long run both financially and physically. It will save you money from having to pay high dentist bills later on and give you a better appearance.


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