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Learning How to Train Your Dog 101

Learning How to Train Your Dog 101There are many things to keep in mind when learning how to train your dog. First of all, it is vitally important that you first choose a dog that matches your lifestyle. Many individuals don’t think before purchasing a dog and simply do it on a whim because a particular dog might be cute and melt their heart. You need to be weary of this. Dogs are meant to be a long-term relationship as they live sometimes up to around 15 years of age. You want to make sure the temperament of your dog matches your lifestyle.

Let’s say you work all day, you want a dog that is able to effectively be alone all day without causing damage to it psychologically. If you prefer a more outdoor and active lifestyle, make sure you choose a dog that can keep up. On average, you should plan on spending roughly 15 minutes per day on training your dog. 15 minutes is a good length of time because your dog will retain its energy and attention for that span of time, but anything less might not sink in so make sure it is right around 15 minutes.

Since dogs are primarily pack animals, you want to deem one person in particular to train your dog. Dogs need leaders, and if you have one person training it, the dog will respond more positively and quickly since it’ll know and obey its master. Make sure any other family members in the home are aware of what you have been working on with the dog so they don’t undermine any work and progress you have made. If a dog jumps up on a child, you want the child to react the same way you as the trainer would to the dog so it doesn’t get mixed messages.

A great thing to start the training with is to get the dog to sleep in its crate. You may initially think this is mean, but keep in mind that naturally dogs are den animals. They actually enjoy sleeping in crates when they are younger. Put the crate close to where the trainer or “pack leader” sleeps so the dog doesn’t think it has done something wrong and is being put away from everyone else. Another great thing to train your dog is how to walk well on a leash. They need to learn that when you go outside they are expected to behave well.

There are plenty of books or videos that can help aid you with this. You can even take your dog to a dog training class. Dog Training Classes South Central Florida can be a good resource. You can expect exceptional results by utilizing this program that comes straight to your home! Talk about convenience! No matter what you are training on whether it be on your own or you have a professional come to your home, you need to remember that different dogs have different temperaments so you will need to adjust your training methods accordingly. Something that worked previously for a different kind of dog, might not work this time.


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