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Knowing When To Repair Your Home’s Foundation

foundation_repairCracks in your home’s foundation can be the start of many headaches for a homeowner. From water damage to cracks in your walls, problems with your home’s foundation can be expensive to fix, and can reduce the value of your home. You can prevent small problems from turning into much larger ones by knowing what signs to look for, and by knowing what problems you can fix yourself and when you need to call a professional.
A house foundation is often damaged by the soil surrounding it being too wet or to dry. If the proper drainage does not exist around your home, water can wash away some of the soil surrounding the foundation, lessening the support the foundation needs to remain stable. This situation often occurs over long periods of time, but it can also happen quickly if your home is subject to flooding or much larger than usual amounts of rain. Dry soil can cause cracks in a foundation because it contracts as it dries. Small spaces open between the soil and the foundation, lessening the support the foundation needs to remain stable. Overly dry soil may result from periods of extreme drought.
Many homes have small, hair-line cracks in the foundation. These cracks should be monitored, and measured to make sure that they are not growing. If these hair-line cracks appear to be stable, you can repair them with products found at most home improvement stores. These products often won’t do much more than prevent moisture from seeping through the crack, but they can make any changes to the crack very obvious to the home owner. Any crack that measures more than half an inch wide should be inspected by a foundation specialist.
If the cracks in your foundation are growing, are larger than half an inch wide, or just don’t look right, you should consult a foundation specialist. Many foundations specialists will provide you with free inspections, and reputable specialists will only do repairs when necessary. Always make sure any foundation specialist is insured and has a good rating from the Better Business Bureau. There are many worthwhile websites, such as www.houstonfoundationrepairservice.com, where you can find information on how to prevent cracks to your home’s foundation, and how to select a quality foundation repair service.
Foundation repairs can be expensive, but by repairing small problems, you can prevent much larger problems from damaging your home and reducing its value. By measuring and monitoring the existing cracks in your foundation, you can make sure that any problem with your foundation is not getting worse. If the cracks in your foundation are getting worse, or larger than half an inch, it is time for you to find a quality foundation repair service.


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