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Kids stuffed things down the drain? What to do

sticking something down the toiletThere is no doubt that if you have children you are bound to have a foreign object lodged in your toilet at one point or another. When this does occur you should take steps to try and remove the item without making the problem worse. However, in order to do this you need to know the options that are available. Removing the object safely, quickly and without causing harm to your unit should be your top priority. The options that you have for removal include:

The Trusty Plunger

This is usually your first line of defense against a clogged toilet. Do not flush the toilet prior to using the plunger because you may cause an overflow situation. This method will work if the object is small and has not become lodged in the pipe. The first step is to ensure that there is enough water in the bowl to fully cover the plunger. If there is not you should add some prior to plunging. If this method does not work you can move on to something else.

The Specialty Tool for Clogged Toilets: The Auger

This tool is designed to allow you to reach within the pipes of your toilet or drain to retrieve a stuck object. With this tool you will push the object through the drain. However, keep in mind, if you use too much force you may damage your toilet. Using the tool is fairly easy and simply requires you to insert the want and turn it one way to remove the clog and the opposite way to remove the tool from the toilet.

Remove the Entire Toilet

If all else fails you will have to remove the toilet completely and attack the problem from below. Be sure to remove all the water and shutting off the source prior to removing the unit, or you may wind up with a wet mess. This is a fairly easy process for any do-it-yourselfer.

In most cases clearing a clogged toilet is something that you can complete yourself. However, if you have tried all the methods listed above to no avail, you should seek the help of a professional plumber. Continuing improper methods may damage the entire unit. San Antonio Drain Cleaning services may be necessary when it comes to large toys and things that have gone down the drain.

To prevent future problems you should invest in toilet locks to ensure that your children cannot flush any foreign objects down your toilet. These are sold at most stores and make a huge difference and may save you a huge plumbing bill. While you should be able to fix the problem yourself, never tackle a problem you do not fully understand, as you may do more damage than help that may end up costing you even more.


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