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Keeping Your Family Updated on Family Events

parents  on eventsFamily events seem to come and go too quickly anymore.  Without a form of communication between smaller family units it’s easy to become quickly disconnected and uniformed about individual events that may be happening.  Help prevent this with your own family by establishing a system for updating family about events and happenings in each family unit.  Here are a few successful ways to keep everyone informed:

  • Create a family email list.  A family email list allows for instant communication between individuals and family units to everyone else.  No more will you need to worry about how to let other family members know about an upcoming school or social event.  Simply create an html email and quickly send it to other family members no matter how far away they are.  An email arrives almost instantaneously as well as allows for quick and easy responses from other family members as well.  Creating a family email list makes sure that everyone is included and updated frequently.
  • Publish a monthly newsletter.  A great way to let family members know of events that have happened or are upcoming is to create a family newsletter.  A newsletter allows for a scheduled time each month when family members can send announcements.  When designing a newsletter you can use one of many templates to create just the right one to work for your needs.  You’ll find creative ways to post updates as well as pictures and more.
  • A family blog.  A family blog that allows for multiple authors allows for individuals to actually create posts for each other to see.  A blog allows for frequent updates as well as easy access by any member of the family.  Family members can decide how often to post as well as how often to view what others are posting.
  • Social media group or page.  Creating a social media page or group such as a Facebook group is another great multi-media way to stay in contact with other family members.  By making a group private or by invitation only you can be more assured that posts are seen only by family members.  With social media being an outlet many are turning to for reconnecting, getting information, and more this can be a great way to keep in touch with family members around the world.

Whichever format you decide will work best for your family, the key is to keep each other informed not only so you know what is happening but also so that you can build stronger bonds between family members near and far.  Families that celebrate accomplishments of others feel more supported and encouraged no matter the activity they are involved in.  You can have a family that feels this way too by finding a way that works for you to stay in contact with each other.


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