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Increasing your Blog Traffic

increasing trafficHaving a great blog with great content is only the tip of the iceberg when you try to create avenues of traffic for your site so you need online marketing with fizz. Without the proper visibility, your stuck with nothing but great content and nothing to show. Here are some great ways to build your blog traffic:


This is a prime way to really get started on your quest to build traffic. You want to first start with your blog. Use great plugins on your WordPress site to entice the search engines to index your pages. It helps to post a link to search engine submission pages such as Yahoo, Bing, and the giant, Google. Create content with the right keywords in your title, through your post, and your tags. This will help create better traction when people search specific terms.

Video SEO

YouTube has its own form of SEO. Google owns YouTube which works in your favor. You will not necessarily compete directly on the Google search engine, but you’ll be able to dominate the search engine if your particular content does well on YouTube. Use great descriptions with your content to help get more targeted traffic for not only your videos but to your blog. Depending on the popularity of your videos, the traffic, and subscriptions, this could be a surefire method to building a real sustainable amount of traffic for your YouTube channel, blog, and social media sites.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but even more so with a powerful message behind it! The power of viral media is becoming a greater asset than simple text on a webpage. If you are in the realm of recipes, do it yourself projects, health, fitness, and fashion, this is an incredible way to boost your blog traffic. Not only is SEO powerful, but social media is important. Creating well optimized images will speak to a high range of people. All it takes is a few key repins and hash tags and you will be well on your way to not only extra boosts of traffic but a targeted audience. The advantage of posting on Pinterest is an organic build up of a loyal female demographic that will engage and share your content.

Guest Posts

Always great to find a site that will provide value to your own. Contact the blog owner or develop a real consensus by commenting on his/her posts. You will build natural authority. Then propose a deal where you write a post for free while you get backlinks to your site. You will not only get a great boost of traffic due to the authority of the blog, but a higher chance of subscribers to your own site.


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